The telehealth kiosk is developed and commercialized by H4D / Health For Development.

Inspired by the vision of a passionate physician, H4D is an innovative company specialized in telehealth solutions, founded in 2008 by Dr. Franck Baudino, MD. H4D has remained true to its original mission: to overcome isolation from healthcare, whether geographic or social, while supporting preventive medicine initiatives, as well as the treatment and the monitoring of chronic diseases.

To fulfill its mission, H4D has adopted a rigorous innovation policy. Building on a diverse portfolio of patents, our company develops a new generation of health solutions which provide an answer to today’s medical and organizational issues.

H4D is promoting an innovative concept of healthcare: our objective is to integrate technology at the core of community health programs and to optimize how effectively populations connect with healthcare networks at large. This involves integrating all medical and health services as well as linking all stakeholders: patients, health care institutions, payers and local authorities.

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